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Prior to COVID19, cleaning and sanitizing were an important part of the job for all of us at Q Hair, and for beauty professional in salons across the world; with the current pandemic order, and COVID19 being so prevalent in Alberta, it has become even more important for us. The safety of our family, friends, guests, and community is of the utmost importance to us, and as such we have implemented heightened cleaning procedures as part of our daily operations. We diligently sanitize all chairs, sinks, mirrors, products, stations, and tools used during each appointment and pay special attention to all high-traffic areas such as the front desk and restrooms. We have also installed plexiglass partitions between our sinks and at our front desk, and never reuse capes or towels between guests. Every member of the Q Hair family wears a mask while in the salon, and all our stations have been repositioned to allow for the recommended 6-feet of social distance between people. We also are no longer accepting walk-ins and all visitors to the salon must have an appointment.

To slow the spread of COVID19 and protect our community, as well as to adhere to current public health directives from the Government of Alberta, we require the following compliances from our guests:

ONLY enter the salon once you have been waived in by your stylist or another member of the Q Hair family, please wait in your vehicle until you are able to enter the salon. You are welcome to give us a call when you have arrived, however we may be unable to get to the phone.

Upon entry you must wear a mask or face covering that securely covers your nose, mouth, and chin. You will not be allowed entry until you are wearing a mask, if you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons you must wear a face shield. There will be no exceptions.

Hands must be sanitized upon entry, sanitizer is available inside the entrance.

Limit the amount of belongings brought to your appointment, please keep items to a minimum including your method of payment and cell phone or tablet. We have removed all magazines and will not be providing beverages at this time. We also will not be allowing guests to use our phone unless it is an emergency.

While we are still accepting cash at this time, we encourage payments to be made through limited-contact methods such as debit, credit card, or gift card.


Thank you so much for helping us keep Q Hair Design a safe place to visit!

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